SSL Setup Service
An SSL certificate is a type of protection for user’s personal information on the Internet. If the site has an SSL certificate, a green lock and HTTPS protocol will appear in the browser address bar. This means that it is safe to enter a password or bank card number on this site.
An SSL certificate is needed to prevent fraudsters from intercepting the personal data that users enter on your website. Personal data is logins and passwords from accounts, bank card numbers, email addresses, etc. This means that an SSL certificate will be extremely useful on your webshop.
An SSL certificate is beneficial for the site owner: this way you provide your customers with security, taking care of them. Less risk for users, higher reputation of the company.
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We offer:
  • ↑ Installation of the certificate on Apache or Nginx and setting Magento login and checkout pages on HTTPS protocol.
  • ↑ Setting up Magento redirects to HTTPS
  • ↑ If you are using cPanel, Plesk, iWorx, etc. as a hosting control panel, we’ll install SSL as well
Steps to follow
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us
A support ticket is automatically created and immediately sent to our team. The experts will contact you as soon as possible to find out all the details and be ready to start working.
  • After the service is purchased, please contact us via our Support Form, telegram or skype to provide us with the necessary details.
  • After you leave the request in the form or on other types of communications above, our specialist will contact you to discuss all the details.
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us
Step 2: Installation.
Then, our developer will install the certificate on your server and make basic Magento SSL configurations. Our expert will set up Magento redirects to HTTPS and make any additional changes you need.
Step 2: Installation
Step 3: Testing.
Our QA engineer will test everything to be sure that everything works properly. After that we release the project.
Step 3: Installation
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Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved