Magento Web Development

The most important part of any business is the place where the goods or services it produces will be located.
Online shopping is the most efficient and customer-friendly shopping platform these days. The Fixstacks team
will be happy to help you make your online store user-friendly for customers, simple for the administrator, and
profitable for the owner.

Hosting selection and server setup The fast and reliable operation of an online store is one of the keys to business success. Such work is provided by high-quality hosting and a powerful server. Our experience will allow us to choose the most profitable and suitable hosting on which your store will be located, as well as configure the server to suit your needs.

Back-end and Front-end development For all the functionality of the site to work as it should, and the appearance is fully consistent with the chosen design, you need a close-knit, friendly and strong team of professionals. Fortunately, Fixstacks is exactly such a team. Most of the necessary processes for creating a website from scratch have been brought to automatism by us, so that the development of your platform will be high-quality, fast and fun.

Quality assurance Throughout the work on your site, a tireless quality assurance department will check its performance. Not a single bug can hide from their keen eyes.

Market analyze In order to understand current trends and the flow of business, as well as in order to weed out effective features from ineffective ones, we constantly resort to the analysis of our competitors, as well as of the client’s competitors. When creating your website, we will be guided solely by the parameter of efficiency, measured by the analytical method.