Magento Performance Tuning

According to research, a user gets annoyed if a website page takes longer than 5 seconds to load.
We offer the best available solutions for increasing website loading speed and have a wealth of experience
in this area.

Server auto-scaling setting If your site suffers from the low page loading, one of the most effective solutions to improve site performance is auto-scaling technology. It will help your site withstand peak sales and even DDoS attacks.

Firewall setup That feature will protect you from DDoS attacks.

MySQL configuration The correct location and configuration of the databases is a key decision for the speed of downloading data from the server. We have been tuning databases for many years and are ready to clean up even the most hopeless cases.

PHP Accelerators Since the Magento platform stores are written in the PНP programming language, additional tools are needed to quickly execute the framework that organizes and sorts the code. These tools are PНP Accelerators, which we can easily customize for you.

CDN setting SDN technology allows you to download pictures and other graphic content of the site from another server, thereby speeding up page loading and improving performance.

Cache management The cache provides in-memory storage and management for your data.You organize your data in the cache into data regions, each with its own configurable behavior. You store your data into your regions in key/value pairs called data entries. The cache also provides features like transactions, data querying, disk storage management, and logging. It will help you greatly to improve site performance and data load.

Quality assurance (Performance testing) To verify that the performance of your site is performing correctly, you need performance testing. We use many different utilities and metrics for the most objective and detailed report, in order to identify the problem, and then fix it.