Magento Optimisation Service
Website speed and performance is very important to users. You will have not only visitors, but also attracted customers. Search engines like Google take website speed into their search rankings, so they optimize your website speed. Here every millisecond is counted.
What can slow you webstore:
  • Visual content like pictures, videos etc
  • Out-of-date scripts: widgets, themes, extensions
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • Unreliable servers and free hostings
We offer an extensive review of:
  • ↑ server and hosting
  • ↑ 3-rd party extensions and other custom code.
  • ↑ JS and CSS code refactoring
  • ↑ Image optimization and lazy loading enabling
  • ↑ Improve cache and reindex
Steps to follow
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us.
A support ticket is automatically created and immediately sent to our team. The experts will contact you as soon as possible to find out the possible causes for problems. Our experts will do an audit of your site and once the report is ready, we send it to you.
Step 1: Request a quote  to get in touch with us.
Step 2: Optimization.
We will wait for your feedback, if you agree with all issues that we think need optimizing, we will continue the work. Our professional team can optimize:
Hardware: analyse your hosting provider, server capacity, installed software Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, etc.
3rd-party extensions: we will need to be sure that none of them cause problems to your webstore.
Theme: UI/UX design should be suitable. The more there are JS elements the slower your site is. Our experts will minimize and merge code without affecting the frontend.
  • You will need to send us the access data and our professional team will examine* your webstore.
* This might take 2-3 working days according to time-zone, holidays or days-off.
Step 2: Optimization.
Step 3: Warranty.
We give all our clients 1 month of guarantee and answer your questions even after the expiration date.
Step 3: Warranty.
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved