Magento Integration Service
Fixstacks can provide you with a big variety of 3-d party integration. Our Magento experts can find a suitable solution for your business to connect your Magento store with accounting solutions, marketing automation systems, payment gateways, shipment integrators, commerce analytics, and social networks.
We offer:
  • QA and PM Support
  • Support
  • Development standards
  • Bug fixing
Patches to choose:
CRM system
Make your management automotive. This is an easy way to process customers’ data, orders, and sales.
ERP system
Within this tool you can take into account: finances, taxes and accounting, budgets, personnel, assets, and detailed history of transactions with clients.
PIM system
This tool helps to conduct information about any product within your sales channels. It helps you to provide your customers with actual content about a product at the proper time and in the proper place.
Marketing Tools
Advance SEO and Marketing of your webstore and create higher traffic over it for increased processing and sales.
Payment solutions
Integrate secure payment gateway and provide your customers with comfort and safety.
Sipping integrations
With shipping systems such as DHL, FedEx etc; you can easily manage and ship your online orders.
Analytics and marketing
Add email services, chats, sales and analytics tools. You can create marketing campaigns, increase retention and get detailed reports.
Our professional team will help you to choose the best integration to boost your sales and management.
Steps to follow
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us. Discuss all the details
  • If you haven`t found any suitable integration you can fill in the form to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us. Discuss all the details
Step 2: Installation
Fixstacks will then create the environment for integrations. Do all necessary synchronisations. Then test everything and fix the bugs. Only in case everything works correctly we release the site on live.
Step 2: Installation
Step 3: Warranty
We provide you with a 1-month guarantee for the work done. And even when the period expires, we'll stay in touch.
Step 3: Warranty
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved