Configuration service
We offer a quick and professional Magento web configuration service for any Fixstacks or 3-rd party extension.
The service provides you with a quick and accurate extension configuration according to your personal requirements. You will just need to let us know the details about the functioning of the module and how you would like it set up and our experts will configure the settings for you. You can order the service with any extension you purchase on Fisxtacks website.
We offer:
  • ↑ Configuration of a selected extension;
  • ↑ Configuration of other Magento options that may affect the extension performance;
  • ↑ Magento 2 setup and configuration of cron job (if necessary);
  • ↑ Testing the extension after configuration to check whether it runs correctly.
Steps to follow
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us.
A support ticket is automatically created and immediately sent to our team. The experts will contact you as soon as possible to review your webstore and be ready to start working.
After the service is purchased, please contact us via our Support Form to provide us with the following details:
  • FTP and SSH access details (hostname, username, password);
  • Backend login details (admin URL, login, password).
Step 1: Request a quote to get in touch with us
Step 2: Configuration
Our experts will configure the settings according to the Magento 2 requirements
Please, pay attention:
  • Fixing any installation issues or extensions installation;
  • Any types of customization. Check our Magento development services page;
  • Tuning the extension design to match your store theme;
  • Filling your module with products, rules, or any other live data.
  • The service is non-refundable in case of successful extension configuration;
  • It is mandatory (and secure) to back up your site before we start working on the module configuration;
  • please note that Magento 2 is a very complicated system, so in some cases, this work might take us up to 1-2 business days*
* According to time-zone, holidays or days-off.
Step 2: Configuration
Step 3: Testing
The QA engineer will test so that everything works correctly. If any errors occur, developers will solve them.
Step 3: Testing
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2021 Fixstacks, All Rights Reserved