The online global marketplace improves all the time - new technologies, services and applications are always appearing.
What technological trends are worth taking a closer look at?
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1. There shouldn't be any agents between the buyer and the seller. The agent can be a marketplace, dealer or distributor. Increasingly, the producer himself wants to communicate with the buyer.
This created a new format for business interaction - Direct-to-Consumer, or D2C, where a brand sells something to an end customer.
This approach better acquaints the producer with the target audience of his product, makes it possible to analyze and improve the quality of production.

Simplified checkout and a wide range of payment options. In the first place among the reasons for refusing a purchase is a complex ordering process.
If a user needs to fill out ten different forms, he is more likely to find another online store with a 1-click checkout. The introduction of different payment methods remains a competitive advantage. Payment via bank card is already a standard.
People are more actively moving to using Apple Pay, Google Pay and QR code payments. It's easier and faster, no need to keep a plastic card close.

Green" business - focus on sustainability. People have become more interested in the producer and the quality of its products - how environmentally friendly the product is,
whether it is recyclable, how the brand relates to environmental protection. Business has a new abbreviation "ESG" - Environment, Social, Governance.
The ESG principles take into account the attitude of the company not only to nature, but also to its employees.

Delivery in 1 day or hour. During the pandemic, a day-to-day delivery service, or even in the next hour, has rapidly developed.
You quickly get used to the good - people began to look for stores that now offer such delivery. To do this, companies connect to major delivery services or organize their own ones.

The main trend remains automation - the creation of conditions under which the buyer himself quickly and conveniently pays for the order and receives it in a short time.
This will not only provide an influx and loyalty of customers, but also give an impetus to development and additional profit.