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  1. Top 6 e-commerce trends for 2022

    The online global marketplace improves all the time - new technologies, services and applications are always appearing.
    What technological trends are worth taking a closer look at?
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    1. There shouldn't be any agents between the buyer and the seller. The agent can be a marketplace, dealer or distributor. Increasingly, the producer himself wants to communicate with the buyer.
    This created a new format for business interaction - Direct-to-Consumer, or D2C, where a brand sells something to an end customer.
    This approach better

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  2. 90% of European companies have increased eCommerce sales in 2021


    A lot of European small and medium-sized companies will see growth in online sales by the end of 2021, according to a report on a recent Sendlane survey.

    34% of companies participating in the survey increased sales by 10-20%, 33% - by 20-40%, and 21% - by 40%. Up to 90% of respondents have increased their total profit by 10% or more.

    Sendlane surveyed 150 small and medium-sized companies with sales of less than 44 million euros to get an idea of ​​the current state of the e-commerce market.

    In addition to sales growth, profitability also grew rapidly. 90% of the companies surveyed increased their total profit by 10% or more. Most companies expect these trends to continue. Almost 93% expect further sales growth, while 28% of respondents expect at least 40% growth.

    The companies also noticed the gro

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