Our Clients

Our agency works for different clients all over the world. We provide dedicated and shared teams, along with fixed and hourly price contracts. Fixstacks provides a list of clients with testimonials about their experience with our Magento services. We would be happy to provide any reference. 

About Us

Magento full stack team

We are professional service company which specializes in Magento full cycle development, including custom design, admin functionality, Magento themes, and extensions development.


We adapt our working hours to the client’s business needs. We serve companies from the US and Australia. You can always rely on quick feedback or technical support. 

Fair price

We charge our customers exclusively for a good result. You will not pay for bug fixing or issue exploring. We provide very close estimates to make your budget secure. 


React Native85%
Graphic design 75%

Clients prefer to work with small premium IT teams instead of large corporates. They are receiving much more care and help.

Roman Pasichnik СEO, Fixstacks

Our offices

Development center

  • Klochkivska St, 192а, Kharkiv

  • info@fixstacks.com
  • Phone : +38 (093) 710-97-54

Marketing office

  • PO Box 27245 Austin, TX 78755

  • info@fixstacks.com